Deleted Scenes: Book 1

So many things happened on our journey that they couldn’t all fit in the book.
1. This used to be on page 94 but the book got too long so it was deleted:

As she [Dorothy] watched people exchange money at the bankers’ table, Victor sidled up to her. “Did you hear how some blokes in steerage got through the vaccination check?”
Dorothy stared at him. “How?”
Victor chuckled. “They pressed a shilling really hard on their arm while they waited in line. The mark looked just like a scar.”
Dorothy stared in disbelief. “That’s cheating!”
Victor nodded, kicking a chair leg. “If I’d known that trick, I’d have tried it.”

Can you find where this passage used to fit into the story?
Would you have tried that trick to avoid getting a smallpox vaccination?

2. See if you can find where this used to fit into page 99.
[They] ran past the storage sheds overflowing with baggage.
“Look at that trunk with the gash in the side,” exclaimed Dorothy. A pair of brown corduroy trousers trailed out the hole.
“Serves them right for buying a cheap canvas trunk,” said Victor. He tugged her hand. “We didn’t get off the ship to stare at luggage. Come on.”