Wednesday Wishes

You know what I wish for?

1. I wish that Gram could have come with us. I could always count on a hug from Gram when Mam and Lydia were cross with me. Gram told me that she and I are kindred spirits [that means we think alike.]

2. I wish I was pretty like Lydia. I pretend I don’t care, but really I do. Gram told me I will grow into a beauty because I have good bones. I don’t see how bones can help improve frizzy hair and freckles.

3. I wish I could have my own dog. I know Frank misses his little terrier, Chap. I miss him too. I wonder if Frank will get another dog in Canada?

4. I wish little kids weren’t so selfish. I like Rose well enough, but she wrecks my things and doesn’t even care.