Monday Musings

Today I am musing about…

1. Why do girls have to worry about good manners all the time? Even when my family had the seasickness aboard ship, they still fretted about my manners. At my school back in York the girls had their own exit. The teachers stood in a line, lecturing us about walking slowly and keeping our voices quiet. At the same time we could hear the boys racing out their door, hooting and shouting. It isn’t fair.

2. Why do some people get the seasickness and others don’t? The big people in my family felt deathly ill and I didn’t get sick at all. Curly said they would feel better once they got their sea-legs. What are sea-legs? I’ve been thinking hard about this but I haven’t figured it out yet.

3. Why did so many people bring dogs aboard ship? And such big dogs!!! Those dogs aren’t happy chained up on the deck. Patrick’s puppies are different because they stay with him and he plays with them every day.

4. Why isn’t there a vaccination for typhoid fever? It’s just as bad a disease as small pox. Even Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert died from typhoid fever. The Canadian Government won’t let you into Canada without a small pox vaccination scar. Why don’t they care about typhoid?