BREAKING NEWS! My author just finished the third book in the Barr Colony trilogy, starring ME!

1. Hi! I’m glad you’re here. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dorothy Bolton.

In 1902 I lived in York, a very old city in northern England. In actual fact, I lived in York my entire life [I was born in 1893]. I had never been ANYWHERE until my Dad came home one night with an idea for a grand adventure! This book is about that grand adventure to a new life, completely different from my old life in York.

My big brother, Frank, kept a diary during the trip. Every day he read part of it to me. I’m happy to share those observations with you. Just click on ‘Diary’ above. [Some parts he refused to read aloud. He said those thoughts were not for young ears!]

If you want to know what I was thinking each day, click on ‘Daily Dose of Dorothy’.

2. Whew! It’s a lot of work figuring out the internet. I just added TWO NEW POSTS under Diary and Deleted Scenes.

3. EXCITING NEW PHOTO!!! I just found this photo of the boxing match I saw aboard the Lake Manitoba. It makes me shiver to look at it, the boxing match was so disgusting.

4. I’m glad to be back talking to you again. The person who’s helping me with this internet stuff took a LOOONG break so I had to take one too. Now I’m back in business. CHECK OUT MY NEW THOUGHTS FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY.

5. I’m exhausted. it took HOURS to add my new video. This new technology is making me crazy. Check it out; it’s my own voice way in the future.

6 comments on “Home

  1. Dear Anne,

    I grew up in a small village named Paynton, not far from Lloydminster. One of my family’s dearest friends had been born in 1905 on the trek to Lloydminster and was the first baby born to Barr Colonists. Her birth certificate said born in the North West Territories. Her name was Mabel Turner and her family homesteaded in Denholm. She passed away in 2006, just shy of her 101st birthday. She was the most remarkable woman. My daughter who is ten, just finished your book. She loved it and so did I. It brought back fond memories of my dear friend.


    Lynn Hyshka

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’m pleased that you and your daughter both enjoyed my book. I’ve passed through Paynton several times enroute to Lloydminster. Was Paynton named after Peter Paynter? He was the rancher who provided fresh food to numerous Barr Colonists as they travelled through his isolated property.

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